Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to technology questions? Do you wish you had computer repair Overland Park services to help you when you need it? You are not alone.  Every day 12 Stones Tech works with businesses with the same concerns. And every day 12 Stones Tech solves problems and alleviates fears and concerns. Every day 12 Stones Tech is there to answer questions and give you peace of mind.  We are just one call away.

12 Stones Tech is a small business that can relate to your small business.  The owner and president Kent Warden knows what it’s like to have to meet payroll, and what it’s like when technology problems bring your business to a grinding halt.  Because Kent can relate, he looks for the most cost-effective solutions for YOUR business regarding computer repair Overland Park. As a trained engineer, he doesn’t look for a way to make your business fit his solution, but how he can create a solution to fit your specific needs.

12 Stones Inc. was started in 2005 when Kent decided he was done with a corporate job.  He stepped out in faith and set up a business to help people solve problems. 12 Stones Inc. services have changed over the years since then, but the core values of caring for and solving problems for neighbors and friends has never changed.  Today, we provide information technology services and computer repair Overland Park for businesses ranging from one person to thirty. 12 Stones helps businesses procure computers, update them, and make them run better. We service network infrastructures, from choosing the best available ISP for our clients’ needs, to securing their firewall, cleaning up wiring, and creating robust WiFi networks.  We configure file storage, whether a local server or cloud services are needed. We recommend and implement backup solutions to keep clients’ data safe and secure. We are confident that you will not be disappointed in our computer repair Overland Park services.

12 Stones Tech Values:

  • We value our clients and will treat them the way we would want to be treated.
  • We protect our clients’ data from loss, theft or corruption.
  • We will not sell you something we wouldn’t own ourselves or we don’t feel you need.


Kent Warden and his wife Amy have been married for nearly 20 years.  They have two daughters and have called Johnson County Kansas home since 2002.  Kent graduated from John Brown University with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering.  He used his degree in several jobs right out of college. In 1997, Kent started working for Caterpillar in Wamego, Kansas, designing kits to power large hydraulic tools.  It was during this job with Caterpillar that Kent and Amy got married. Together they moved to Knoxville, Tennessee when Kent started work with John Deere in their hydraulics group.  After September 11, 2001, with the weak economy and facing a relocation to Iowa, Kent was welcomed back to Caterpillar in the Kansas City area. After a few more years working for Caterpillar, Kent decided to start 12 Stones Inc.

The Backstory:

Kent grew up as a missionary kid in Liberia, West Africa, watching and learning from his dad who was an electrical engineer. After moving back to the States when he was in sixth grade, Kent’s parents purchased a Radio Shack TRS80 personal computer.  He can still remember typing in “Basic” computer language programs to make the computer do simple animations and games. While growing up computers were not tremendously friendly, but using an early IBM PC with a modem, Kent began to learn how to navigate bulletin boards, the precursor of the internet.  During college, computers became less of a toy and more of a tool to save time. Kent’s senior design project in college used a computer and software he wrote to automate the feeding process in a pair of chicken houses. More than simply a theoretical project, Kent installed the system and made it work.

Once out of college computers were an ever-present device; understanding how to use them to get work done was not only a requirement but a passion.  While working at Caterpillar as a design engineer, Kent learned as much as possible from the IT staff and was the first at his location to test Windows workstations instead of Unix machines.  After a successful testing period, all the Unix stations were replaced with Windows workstations. Between design jobs, Kent developed an intranet site for the engineering group to use as a simpler way to look up information.

When Kent moved to John Deere, he quickly became friends with the IT personnel and learned more about how the systems worked.  During these years, outside of work, Kent built websites for several businesses as well as a club site that he still manages. Building websites helped Kent learn how domain names and hosting servers work together, as well as the ins and outs of e-mail.

In 2002, Kent came to Caterpillar in the Kansas City area.  Providing technical training for service personnel throughout North America and Mexico laid the groundwork for his ability to convey technical concepts in clear and concise ways.  This differentiates Kent in IT service today.

Four years after moving to Kansas City with Caterpillar, Kent had grown weary of the big corporate culture and decided to launch 12 Stones Inc. as a general contracting business.  In 2011, a shoulder injury caused Kent to find a way to lighten the physical load, so he started offering computer services. Today, Kent has successfully transitioned 12 Stones into a tech business and is passionate about finding new solutions for clients’ technical problems in the Kansas City area.