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Is your business ready to grow based on your technology? Do you need computer repair Overland Park to determine whether or not you have everything it takes to expand your business? Do you have all of the storage space that you need for backups? Are there ways for you to add employees that will not be difficult? 12 Stones technology knows how to evaluate your business and make sure that you’re technology will not only keep up with your expanded business but even anticipate it. You can give Kent Warden a call for your free valuation at 913-893-1123 and he will be happy to talk to you about your current situation.

Kent likes to take care of his customers by listening to their business goals to find out what they are anticipating for the future. He wants to make sure that you are taken care of so that when you decide to add more employees your technology will be able to adapt. He enjoys finding solutions that are specific to your current situation and also will adapt to the Future. Kent is able to find Advanced Technology that will help you to grow your business. He has been taken care of many different types of customers who have grown their businesses over the years and anticipating what they might need as far as storage for data and backup Solutions.

One of the backup solutions that Kent is able to offer is a network server. He builds them himself so that they are custom just for you. That way you aren’t paying for too much data storage but you are also getting exactly what you need. Kent takes the time to manage all of the network servers and make sure that they are updated on a weekly basis he will make sure that all of the backups are running smoothly and are actually doing what they are supposed to be doing. This is a service that he enjoys providing for customers who need it. You might find that you are one of those people who need the extra storage space and also the Peace of Mind of knowing that you have your information on an external server.

As you might have figured out, Kent Warden is an expert at computer repair Overland Park. He has built many different servers for his customers over the years and been able to support them and upgrade them as needed. One time he had an attorney who needed a file from his backup, and Kent was able to get it within a few minutes. This is the type of excellent customer service that you will find from 12 Stones technology. Technology doesn’t always work for you when you want it to and that can be frustrating. That’s why Kent is here to make sure that your business is ready to grow based on your technology.

You can give Kent Warden a call today to schedule an appointment at 913-893-1123. 12 Stones Technology is available to help you with many different types of technology needs, and expansion ideas is just one way Kent can provide computer repair Overland Park. He would love to sit down with you to discuss how he can make your business more efficient and profitable. Get more information on the 12 Stones website here:

Computer Repair Overland Park | next generation

Have you noticed technology has changed in the last generation? Are you struggling to keep up with computer repair Overland Park? Do you have issues with having your technology work for your business? Then you may want to consider calling 12 Stones technology to help you solidify your technology plans for your small business. Kent Warden is an expert in the field of technology and IT services. He has been learning through experience all of his life and for his customers purposes the last 6 years have been very enlightening. His number is 913-893-1123.

Give 12 Stones technology a try for computer repair Overland Park and you won’t be disappointed. Kent Warden has been taken care of his customers by listening to their technology needs and striving to create a technology solution that will help make their business more efficient and more profitable. He is an expert at coming up with custom plans that will help you into the Next Generation. He is happy to meet with you at your place of business to discuss what you might need and take a look at what you currently have. He will be able to talk to you about what is needed in the near future and what you might be able to put off for a little while. He likes to be able to work with in any type of budget that will make you happy.

One of the many services that 12 Stones technology provides for computer repair Overland Park is setting up networks and servers within offices. Kent is able to make all of the devices within the office sync together so that they all talk to each other and you can post your information to any of them and it will show up and all of the places where you need to access it. This is a great Advantage if you want to be able to work from home or any other place outside the office. You may also have needs for different employees to have access to different areas of the server and the data that you are using. There are so many different ways to configure a network server to fit your business needs.

Kent Warden looks forward to working with you. He enjoys being able to help people streamline their technology and make sure that all of the different devices are working well together. If there’s a wire that you don’t know what it does, Kent can figure it out. He will be able to establish a wonderful working relationship with you so that you can feel comfortable calling him at anytime or contacting him via email or text. He is always available to help.

When you are looking for the best computer repair Overland Park you want to make sure that you were working with someone who won’t let you down. 12 Stones technology is that company that you can rely on. Kent Warden is trustworthy and polite and he treats his customers with the utmost care. He enjoys finding solutions for each individual business situation and being able to set them up for an extended period of time. Check out the 12 Stones Tech website at or give Kent a call at 913-893-1123 today.