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Are you tired of fighting with wires that are tangled up in your office? Have you gotten fed up with computer repair Overland Park that has not been helpful to you? Are you wondering who is the best person to call to help you with your technology problems in your small business? You should call 12 Stones technology and Olathe for the best service and Technology expertise. Kent Warden can be reached at 913-893-1123. He is available to help you with all of your small business technology needs.

One of the ways that Kent Warden will be able to help you with your technology issues in your small business is by listening to all of the concerns that you have, and offering up solutions that will be helpful to you. Kent is able to ask important questions about how you use your technology so that he can determine the best possible solution. He will come up with a plan that is unique for your business so that you know that it will work specifically for you. If you’re having issues with your email or your phone system, these are also problems that 12 Stones technology is capable of helping you with.

Sometimes you just need an IT person to talk to to figure out some of the issues that are going on with your technology. Kent is willing to be a listening ear and to offer advice. He will come up with a solution that will fit your business and he is happy to come and check things out. This is why you want to give him a call to schedule an appointment. If you have other technology questions along the way don’t be shy about asking. There are many different gadgets that Kent is able to put together to make everything run smoothly.

If you have issues with your technology, there are many things that computer repair Overland Park can help you with. Kent Warden has been helping his customers with their technology problems for over 6 years. He is a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has a background in mechanical engineering which means that he loves to solve problems. Technology problems or just one type of problem that needs to be solved. If you are confused about what is going on with your technology, and you need someone who can explain it in plain English, be sure to give Kent Warden a call.

When you find a technology person that you really appreciate, you will want to call them over and over again whenever you have a technology problem. This is the type of relationship that 12 Stones technology likes to have with all of their clients. Check out the 12 Stones Technology website at, and give Kent Warden a call at 913-893-1123 to schedule your evaluation and find out how 12 Stones technology can help you with computer repair Overland Park today.

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Are there issues with your computer repair Overland Park? Have you been frustrated by a lack of funds to help you with your technology issues? Do you need Innovative design to help you come up with Creative Solutions that will streamline your business? Give Kent Warden a call at 913-893-1123 to schedule an appointment to talk about how he can help you with your technology issues and computer repair.

There’s a quick way to figure out if someone is listening to what you have to say. If they have an intelligent answer for your questions or can come up with excellent ideas to help you and your brainstorming, you know that you have come up with a great listener who can help you with your business. 12 Stones technology isn’t excellent company for listening to clients and being able to respond intelligently. You will find that Kent warden shows up on time for his appointments and will call you if he’s running late. This has earned him many 5-star Google reviews over the years.

Are many different ways that a technology company can help you as a small business. You may not have realized that you needed a network for your employees or server that would help them find the files that they need and be able to store them in one location. This can help save you money from having to use cloud services or a Dropbox solution. Other solutions that and it person can help you with is with your wiring and setting up a wireless solution if you need it making sure that you get Wi-Fi in every part of your building that needs it. You can set up a guest Network to make sure that your information is safe from those who are visiting your place of business. Nobody likes a hacker. Many of the ways that 12 Stones technology with computer repair Overland Park is not only being able to help with repairs but also being able to advise when you need new equipment.

Kent Warden is an expert in shopping for technology equipment including computers, printers, Network gear, and a host of other types of Technology. He will be able to find the best possible price for the technology that you need and pass on the savings to you. He can also come up with ways to help you save money by using your own server rather than cloud services that may be charging you a monthly fee. He can also set up Microsoft Office 365 and make sure that everyone’s emails are working properly.

There’s so many different technology companies that you could choose from for computer repair Overland Park. However you should know that the best option is to choose 12 Stones technology. Kent Warden knows how to find the best possible equipment for your small business to keep the technology running smoothly and to save you as much money as possible. He wants to be able to assist you so that you can do the work that you are trying to do. Give him a call today at 913-893-1123, or schedule an appointment via the website: