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When was the last time you utilize computer repair Overland Park to help you with your technology needs? Have you been searching for the best company to help you what setting up your office the way that it needs to be run? Do you have questions about technology that have so far gone unanswered? The answer is 12 Stones technology. Kent Warden is the technician you can rely upon for the answers you’ve been searching for. He is well qualified in the area of it. He has been helping his customers for over 6 years and understands the demands of technology and how it can help you with your business. You don’t want to be stuck trying to figure something out when you should be getting your work done. Kent would like to take that off your plate. You can call him at 913-893-1123.

There are many different ways Kent Warden will be able to help you with your technology needs. For one he is a great listener and he will be able to understand what you are meeting and hopefully be able to make recommendations that will help you well into the future. He enjoys being able to sit down with his customers and understand their business goals to be able to offer suggestions that will help them to reach them. if you would like the best computer repair Overland Park, you will find it at 12 Stones technology.

Do you need some helpful tips when it comes to setting up your new computer? Have you struggled with trying to get your computer and printer to talk to one another? Have you gotten all of your devices to work together, and be able to print from your phone? If you need something set up so that you can work from home instead of the office, Kent Warden has solutions for you so that you can access information from anywhere. He enjoys being able to help his customers get set up so that they can be more efficient and more profitable.

If there was a way for you to save money by using 12 Stones technology, wouldn’t you want to try it? It would be easy for you to talk to Kent Warden to see what he could do to help you. There is no obligation for you to talk to him about your technology needs. He is happy to come to your place of business to discuss them. That way you can show him exactly what is going on and what you would hope could be fixed. He is also then able to offer a free estimate for you that will fit within your budget. Just talked to him about what your needs are and he will be happy to come up with a solution that is right for you.

When it comes to computer repair Overland Park, the best solution is to call Kent Warden at 913-893-1123. It will be a joy for you to find out how easy it is to use his services. When your technology is working for you, you get to do the things that make you the most money. Small business are alike in that they all have to figure out ways to become more efficient and more profitable. Kent Warden understands these issues and will help you and come alongside you. You can count on his support. Go to to schedule your free appointment today!

Computer Repair Overland Park | leaving a legacy

Do you remember what it was like when you were starting out your business for the very first time? Do you remember all of the questions that you had about how all of the pieces and parts would come together? Did you long for computer repair Overland Park to help you in that process? Many new startups are looking for the best companies to help support them in their business. One of the ways that 12 Stones technology is able to help out starting businesses is by providing the necessary support for their information technology. You will want to talk to Kent Warden about all of the ways that he can make your technology work for you. You can reach him at 913-893-1123.

When you’re first starting out with a new business Everything seems daunting. Kent Warden would like to be able to come alongside and help you with any technology issues that you may have. He will be happy to speak with you about your business goals and what your budget will be able to afford when it comes to technology Services. He knows what it’s like to be a small business owner with a small cash flow especially when you’re first starting out. He enjoys being able to help out many different types of businesses especially those that are just starting out.

One of the things you may need as a new business is someone to tell you what kind of equipment that you will need as far as Computers phone systems printers scanners fax machines and potentially a network server. Kent Warden is well-versed in all of these types of Technology he is also able to talk to you about different internet service providers that you may need in the plans that they have that will serve you the best. He has been working with many different types of clients from those who have just started out to those who are just finally deciding that they need some help with their technology.

12 Stones technology has the best computer repair Overland Park and they are very experienced when it comes to all different types of Technology issues. Kent Warden is a mechanical engineer originally, which makes him a great Problem Solver. If you think that there is something that can’t be fixed, that is the best time to call 12 Stones technology. Kent looks forward to hearing from you because he is always anxious to attack a new problem and find a great solution. He gets very excited about being able to help his customers with their technology.

So when it comes to computer repair Overland Park, 12 Stones Technology has great service that will help you whether you are just starting out or someone who has been established for a while and has been dissatisfied with their current technology services. Kent Warden is a highly experienced technician and he looks forward to working with you and your small business. He enjoys hearing from those who have felt like there service was lacking in the past. You can reach Kent at 913-893-1123 or visit the 12 Stones technology website at