Computer Repair Overland Park | infrastructure needs

Have you figured out how to set up your networking solution for the correct infrastructure? Do all of your employees have access to the right information at the right time? Have you found that there are miscommunication among here employees because of where some of the information is stored? You may want to give Kent Warden a call for excellent computer repair Overland Park. Kent has been taken care of his customers in the Johnson County area for over 6 years. You can reach him at 913-893-1123.

Kent Warden has an excellent track record of treating his customers respectfully and following up on the feedback that he receives he enjoys being able to understand what your customers needs and wants are and exceeding customer Expectations by saving them a ton of time and money on their Technology Solutions. Kent is always going out of his way to help his customers by making sure that they are taken care of after hours as well as during normal office hours. He knows that not all it problems happened during the day. He is willing to help you out whenever you need him.

If you’ve ever wondered what to do when there is a power outage at your place of business you should definitely call 12 Stones technology for computer repair Overland Park. There was recently a serious thunderstorm that went through and knocked out the power in the area and can’t was able to get them back up and running in no time. He went directly to the place of business that was having issues with their power and was able to reset the router as well as the Wi-Fi to make sure that all of the internet was back up and running as soon as possible. Many times this problem can be prevented by a battery backup system which Kent was in the process of setting up when this storm occurred.

What are the main reasons why you would want to choose 12 Stones technology for your IT services is for the best computer repair Overland Park. Kent obviously knows how to respond to emergency situations as well as just take care of the general day today upkeep. He can set up a monthly rate That will cover all of those maintenance fees. If you know that you will be needing a Services multiple times throughout the month this is probably the most cost-effective solution for your business.

You will want to call Kent Warden at 12 Stones technology for computer repair Overland Park to set up an appointment and evaluate your current technology needs. Kent’s number is 913-893-1123 or you can also set up an appointment via the website if you wish. There’s lots of great information on the website about his services and client testimonials that will ease your mind about whether or not 12 Stones technology is the company you wish to work with. Kent looks forward to your call.

Computer Repair Overland Park | high performance

Do you have questions about computer repair Overland Park? Are you wondering about how well your computer is working and if there are changes that need to be made with your networking system? Do you have the high-performance equipment that you need to keep your business running an efficient manner. Kent Warden at 12 Stones technology has the answers you need for your IT services in the Johnson County area. He would love to help you figure out how to make your equipment run the best. Call him at 913-893-1123 To set up an appointment today.

You will enjoy working with Kent Warden because he enjoys greeting his customers asking them how they are or how he can help them. He enjoys letting them know how long the wait will be if he has a current job going on and he can’t get to you right away. He likes to find out what the issues are that are the most pressing for your business so that he can offer a solution that will help you in a timely manner. He knows the products inside and out that he sells and offers and recommends. He works with a lot of great vendors who also know their products inside and out.

For example if you need a voice over internet phone, Kent has a resource that he has been working with locally in the Johnson County area for several years and would love to recommend them to you. He also has point-of-sale people that he works with in various restaurants around the metro area and would be happy to recommend them if you have a restaurant as well. He’s worked with several electricians and contractors and other service providers and knows who provides the best internet service as well as phone service. He can make recommendations all day long.

If you have an IT specialist who doesn’t understand computer repair Overland Park then you should give Kent Warden a call at 913-893-1123 because he will be able to make recommendations for you that will help you with your local business in the Johnson County area. Whether you have a service type business or product based business can’t will be happy to help you with all of your technology needs. He has been making recommendations for over 6 years in the Johnson County area. He is also ventured into Kansas City and Lee’s Summit and other areas just across the border in Missouri.

There aren’t many questions left when you realize that 12 Stones is the best computer repair Overland Park has to offer. You can take a look at the website to check out the services as well as client testimonials that back up everything that this article just told you. Kent would love to schedule an appointment with you so give him a call at 913-893-1123. He looks forward to working with you and answering any technology questions you may have.