Computer Repair Overland Park | printer problems

Are you looking for a computer repair Overland Park? Are you tired of slow computers in your office? Does your computer take forever to boot up? Do you need a brand new computer or do you need to find a way to fix your current one? Do you need help connecting your printer wireless? Are you frustrated with all the cords that you keep tripping over? Call Kent Warden 12 Stones technology 913 893-1123 and he can take care of your computer and printer needs. He has the solution you need or you don’t have to pay.

Kent Warden knows how to take care of his customers. He has been doing computer repair Overland Park for 6 years. His clients know him and like him because he shows up on time and solves their computer problems quickly. Customer service is a huge part of the 12 Stones technology experience. You can find great customer service from 12 Stones technology if you will call Kent Warden 913 893-1123. He will guarantee his work and give you the best possible solution for your computer and printer issues.

So if you’re having printer problems simply press the start button then press settings and go to printers and devices. After that add a new printer if it’s Windows 10 it should find the printer automatically on your network and load the driver for you. Once it is set it up you may do a test page. Or you can press done and then go print your own test if whatever kind you might want to do. After that your printer setup and you may use it at any time. Setting up a wireless printer is just as easy. We can help, but you will need to call or email us to set up an appointment with Kent.

We have a great track record of keeping printers up and running when you need them most. 12 Stones technology creates the best solutions to all printing problems you may run into. We can help you set up printers that work with multiple workstations or just connect with one computer. If you need to be able to print wirelessly we can do that also. We know your printer is a vital part of your business and it is difficult to work without it. Many clients say they would choose our services over any other IT company.

So if you would like to find great computer repair Overland Park you should look no further than 12 Stones technology. We can fix any computer or printer problem you may have because of our experience and commitment to keeping your business running smoothly. Our customer service is second to none. We are great Google reviews just search for our company and you will see how much our clients like our services. We know how to configure and set up your printer and we can help you do it we’re just plain awesome. Check out our website and schedule appointment today.

Computer Repair Overland Park | data plans

Choosing a data plan can be overwhelming if you don’t know how to find computer repair Overland Park. Have you often wondered how to find the best data plan for your family or business? What are the most important features to look for when shopping for a data plan? Will you be stuck in a contract for 10,000 years? If these questions haunt you, please call Kent Warden 12 Stones. Mr. Warden knows how to find the best data plan for your family or business if you will call and ask him. He loves to help solve all types of technology problems.

It is simple to find good computer repair Overland Park by calling 12 Stones Technology because of their excellent customer service and ability to answer all of your technical questions. Kent Warden will go above and beyond to earn your business because he knows what it is like to run a small business and take care of your family’s technology needs. He has been in business for over six years and has been working to earn the trust of a number of clients from all over the Johnson County area. He specializes in helping attorneys, restaurant owners, dentists, hair salons, manufacturing businesses and more find solutions to their technology issues by listening first and then creating a solution that fits each client’s needs.

The services offered by 12 Stones Technology include many options besides helping you choose a data plan, although that is definitely much needed. Think about how many times you call your grandma! If you need a firewall for your computer, or network gear, or a router, or wireless signals to reach the entire house or place of business, you can call Kent Warden at 913-893-1123. Sometimes all you need is someone to talk through the issue and point you in the right direction. Kent can even help you pick out and purchase a computer or iPad. He has been able to work with many types of clients and create many types of services from the small to the medium sized business as well as individuals (even though he prefers to work with business owners).

He will be happy to assist you with whatever you might need. He has been solving technical problems ever since he can remember! He even took apart his mom’s old hair dryer when he was a boy to see how it works. This is the mind of an engineer who likes to try new things and watch YouTube videos on how to take things apart and put them back together. He will find the answer to your technical problem or you won’t pay for his services. So far, he has been able to find answers to all the problems his clients have presented. It’s never too late to give Kent Warden a call for your computer repair Overland Park.

If you are still wondering who to call about data plans or any other technical issue, please consider calling Kent Warden 12 Stones Technology at 913-893-1123 for the best customer service. He will go above and beyond to make sure he has chosen the best data plan or firewall solution or whatever else you might need. He is very trustworthy and sticks to his schedule very closely. If you don’t see him when he said he would come, I would be highly surprised. It is very rare for Kent to be late without calling or texting you first. Be sure that he is dedicated to his clients and respectful of their time and technology. Please call Kent or visit the website to schedule your appointment today!