Computer Repair Overland Park | protection and recovery

Do you often wonder how to protect your data with computer repair Overland Park? Have you had problems recovering a crashed hard drive? Sometimes when a hard drive gets over 3 years old it can crash at any time. You want to be sure to have Kent Warden on your speed dial as soon as that happens. You’ll be able to restore your data and make sure that it is recovered from your hard drive. You can give Kent Warden a call at 913-893-1123.

12 Stones technology has been taking care of their customers for over 6 years in the Johnson County area. They know how to extend the best customer service for your computer repair Overland Park. They work with customers in Olathe as well as Overland Park and Lee’s Summit and Leavenworth and Shawnee Lenexa Prairie Village and a couple of places in Kansas City. Kent Warden has customers who are restaurant owners as well as attorneys salon owners small businessman and other types of companies. He takes care of their computers and make sure that everything is working properly. He enjoys being able to take care of any technology needs.

If you had a computer that was not backed up and your hard drive crashed, there are ways that Kent Warden can recover that data from your computer. He would also then recommend the proper backup solution so that if something should ever happen to your data again you would be able to recover it immediately. He has been able to recover data from crashed hard drives many times, but there are a few times when it becomes impossible to recover data from a crashed hard drive. So you want to make sure that you have all of your information backed up in a safe location.

Kent is able to offer that safe location for your data to be backed up. He can provide servers for your office that will hold the data, he can also provide backup servers at a different location in case of a fire or some other break-in or other type of emergency. You will want to make sure that your data is definitely protected and backed up So that you won’t get in trouble. Travel is not a fun place to be you don’t want to be in trouble. Lost data is definitely a trouble place. So is getting lost at the mall.

If you need computer repair Overland Park, please call Kent Warden at 12 Stones technology at 913-893-1123 to schedule an appointment or to get an evaluation of your current situation. Kent is happy to come to your business to take a look at what you have going on technology-wise and any issues you might be currently having. He will be able to suggest a solution that will fit your personal needs. He will also be able to take care of prevention so that certain problems won’t happen in the future. That is what a backup is for. Visit for more information.

Computer Repair Overland Park | custom development

What are your technology questions for computer repair Overland Park? Do you have all of the answers that you need to set up your office in a custom way? Have you found all of the equipment and devices that will set up your office so that is perfect for your work environment? What are some of the questions that you have that are still unanswered? You can still find the answers you need by calling Kent Warden at 12 Stones technology at 913-893-1123. Kent is an expert at shopping for the perfect equipment and devices to customize your office for your work environment.

Because Kent has a lot of patience with technology, and a lot of experience with it he will be able to sit down and explain what is happening with your networks and devices and equipment in a way that you will be able to understand. He does not get frustrated with people who did not understand text speak. He is very attentive to his customers and will listen which is so crucial for providing great service for a number of reasons. Not only is important to pay attention to individual customer interactions, but it is also important to be mindful and attentive to the feedback that you receive at Large.

One of the reasons why you want to call Kent Warden for computer repair Overland Park is because of the many services that he offers. You will find that he can set up a custom office for you with all of the equipment that you need specifically for your business. He will ask questions about how you use technology to make sure that you have what you need without overspending. He will also evaluate your current situation to make sure that there aren’t any fires that need to be put out ahead of time. He will also evaluate what you might need for the future based on your business goals.

There are many reasons why you would want to call Kent Warden at 12 Stones technology for computer repair Overland Park. One of the best ones is because he is able to help a wide variety of customers with various technology needs. He is able to customize the solution that you need for your business and make sure that you are not paying too much. He enjoys learning about your business and what your business goals are. He also enjoys helping you meet them. Kent has been doing IT Services Overland Park for over six years. If you have questions about technology Kent will either know the answer or be able to find it for you.

So for your custom development in your office for technology equipment and devices, please call Kent Warden at 12 Stones technology at 913-893-1123. You can schedule an appointment on the website, or call it’s up to you. Kent is available most weekdays between 8 and 5 p.m.. He does not usually work on the weekend but sometimes he does. If you need something after hours Kent is usually available for emergency services. But if you just need an evaluation he will be happy to come to your office during normal working hours.