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do you need computer repair Overland Park to reclaim your domain? Has your email service taking over your domain? Do you need help to get it back? If you are in this situation, Kent Warden with 12 Stones technology will be happy to help you reclaim your domain. He has been helping customers like you for over six years. You can call him up today at 913-893-1123 to schedule an appointment. He enjoys hearing from new clients who need his services because it gives him a chance to work on a new project.

12 Stones technology utilizes computer repair Overland Park to take care of their customers in the best possible way. Kent Warden has his customers in mind when he finds out that they do not have control over their own domain. This is a big issue because you want to be able to have access to it and be able to control who has the information that is linked to it. Kent Warden will work on your behalf to make sure that you are the sole owner of your domain. He enjoys fixing these types of problems for you.

Once in awhile you will find other issues that are tied to your domain. You will notice that your email address will include that information as well. You want to make sure that when you access your email from multiple devices that it does not create multiple folders from each device. This is one of the ways that Kent Warden can clean up your email server and make sure that everything is streamlined and efficient. He has been helping customers take care of these types of issues recently so he really understands what you are going through.

12 Stones technology is the type of business that will be around for many years to come. They have been getting established in the Johnson County area for the past 6 years and have already gathered almost 100 5-star Google reviews. That is a big deal! If you want to work with the best IT services in Johnson County, you will want to give Kent Warden a call today. He has been doing technology related jobs ever since he got out of college. He has been tinkering with software programs and databases and email programs ever since he can remember. This is one of his wheel houses.

If technology is not in your wheelhouse you want to give Kent Warden a call at 913-893-1123 so that he can take care of all of your technology needs. He knows what it’s like to run a small business as well as take care of his individual customers. Not everyone understands how technology works and that’s why you want to call 12 Stones technology to take care of those things so that you can take care of the things that you are knowledgeable about. It’s important for you to make the most money from your business by doing what you are good at. Call the expert for computer repair Overland Park or visit for more information.

Computer Repair Overland Park | many tech services

Do you have several issues going on with the technology in your office? Do you need computer repair Overland Park to help with these issues? Are you dealing with phones that maybe aren’t working properly or taking the voice messages the way that you would like them to? Do you have issues with your computer or printer? Does everything work well together with your point-of-sale system? If not you may 12 Stones Tech to help you out because of the many different tech systems that you are trying to integrate. 12 Stones technology is the one stop IT shop that can help you with all of these issues.

Kent Warden is the owner and president of 12 Stones technology for the past 6 years. He has been servicing many different types of technology in offices like yours. He knows how to make the phones work with the computers as well as the point of sale system should you have one. He can give referrals for many different types of Technology Services as well and has relationships built with each one of them. This will help you with your business so that you can focus on the things that you do best. Allow 12 Stones technology to take care of computer repair Overland Park so that you don’t have to.

So Many tech services do not offer all of these different types of services. They may be caught up in doing one thing really well but not servicing all the different types of technology equipment. Kent Warden is an expert in so many different areas that involve Tech equipment so he can help you figure out problems faster than most. If he can’t figure out what’s going on with your technology right away he will do his research and get back to you. He is very quick with responding to emails and texts yes. He loves to hear from his customers and be able to help them with all of their technology issues. If there’s something that you are concerned about please don’t hesitate to give him a call.

Many different services are available from 12 Stones technology for computer repair Overland Park. If you are having trouble getting your email to come into the correct folders, then you may want to give Kent Warden a call. He will be able to organize your email server so that you can find everything at your fingertips. He utilizes Office 365 to help organize your files and your servers and all of your information. He is an expert at streamlining the technology in many different types of offices. He is also an expert at working with the technology at various restaurants in the Johnson County area.

You know you can trust Kent Warden with your technology issues because so many of his customers already do. Take a look at the 5-star Google reviews and you will know that 12 Stones technology is an excellent IT company. Today is a great day to call Kent Warden to set up your evaluation for free. You can contact him at 913-893-1123 or visit the website to find all the information you need.