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What are you working on right now and your business that require special technology? Do you have ways that you wish your technology work more efficiently? Do you have problems with computer repair Overland Park that you need answered? This is the time to give Kent Warden a call at 12 Stones technology his phone number is 913-893-1123 and he is available to help you with a strategic opportunity that will help you grow your business and make you more profitable. He enjoys finding ways to make your job easier via technology.

Kent is also very good at understanding his customers needs and wants. This is because he asks good questions about business goals and where you want your company to be in the future. He can take a look at what you are currently doing and be able to suggest ways to make it better. If you have Wi-Fi that works poorly in one area of your office, he might be able to help you with that. If there are just little things that are bothering you about your technology set up such as wires running under your feet, can can help you with that as well.

Kent likes to go out of his way to come up with unique solutions for special projects that provide strategic opportunities for you and your business with computer repair Overland Park. He loves to find ways that will make your business grow and flourish in your area of Industry. He has worked with many different types of Industries and understands the pressures that you are under especially as a caregiver or as a service provider. There are many different restaurants who rely on Kent services to keep their technology running. Kent has been able to take care of them after hours when the power goes out or Somebody accidentally plug something in the wrong hole and it causes the whole thing to crash.

Sometimes you don’t even know. Kent is very good at coming up with Solutions as well as the questions that you need to ask. He is able to diagnose slow computers and decide if you need to get a brand new one or if there are ways to speed up the old one. There are many different solutions for this type of problem. One of the solutions is to get a solid state drive. This type of hard drive can make your computer run exceedingly fast. You will notice a difference immediately. There are also ways to clean up some of the crap that gets downloaded when you get new software and you didn’t realize that you were also getting all the different add-ons that slow down your computer.

There are lots of different reasons why you would want to call Kent Warden at 12 Stones technology for computer repair Overland Park. I think you’ve discovered that one of the best ones is because Kent cares about his customers and he knows how to take care of their needs. He is willing to go out of his way to help in many different situations such as power outages or just negligence in general. He would be happy to help you out with your technology needs at your small business which could be product-based or service oriented. You can call Kent at 913-893-1123 or schedule an appointment on the website today at

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How many times have you been frustrated with computer repair Overland Park? Do you need someone to help you with those wires that keep getting under foot or the printer that just doesn’t seem to work? Have you found a solution to the problem of the fax machine that just isn’t sending faxes the way it should? You should call Kent Warden at 12 Stones technology to get a solution to all these problems that your business. There are many things that can’t can help you with his number is 913-893-1123 and he will be happy to help you out today.

Kent likes to be able to be very helpful for his customers in many different ways he enjoys answering emails promptly and he also responds quickly to voicemails. He keeps a record of the phone interactions that he has with his customers so that he knows what’s conversation was about that you had last week. He’s also able to make reference to it when he is purchasing the equipment that you requested. He will go out of his way to help you with your business goals. He has been learning how to work with computer repair Overland Park for over 6 years.

12 Stones technology if there is reason to give them a call then definitely do it. They like to discuss with you how to prevent problems from ransomware or malware that can infect your computer. A lot of times it is just a matter of setting up a strong password for your network so that the hackers can’t get in. It is also a matter of educating your employees about what is safe and unsafe to open as far as emails go. There are many different ways that the hackers can get to your computer but if you have Kent warden in 12 Stones on your side we can either prevent the problem from happening in the first place or have an excellent backup solution so that you don’t have to pay a ransom.

Kent Warden is a mechanical engineer so he is an expert at solving problems. There hasn’t been a problem technology-wise that he has not been able to find a solution for. He likes to diagnose issues so that he can get started on finding the solution as quickly as possible. He has a lot of tricks up his sleeve to figure out how to solve technology issues. He has been doing this type of work since he was in sixth grade when he had his first computer. There isn’t much that Kent Warden can’t do when it comes to IT services and computer repair Overland Park.

If you have been searching for the best computer repair Overland Park then you have found it. 12 Stones has the most 5-star Google reviews in the area. Kent Warden has earned those reviews by taking care of his customers and providing them with the best possible it service. You will want to give Kent warden to call at 913-893-1123 to set up an appointment today. Kent will be happy to take a look at your technology issues and offer solution that will be cost effective and profitable to you. Also check out for more information.