Are searching for an IT company that will partner with and take care of your technology so you can run your business?  Would you like that partner to be proactive in not only solving problems for you but in keeping issues from becoming problems? Do you want a partner that provides 5-star service?  A partner you can trust.  Do you want that partner to explain things in a way you can understand and not use tech speak and other confusing jargon?  Do you want a partner that is looking out for your business interests and not just trying to sell you something else?  If this sounds like what you are looking for then contact 12 Stones Tech for more information on how to become a partner.

12 Stones Tech provides information technology services for small business in the Johnson County Kansas area:

  • Procure computers, update them, and make them run better.
  • Make sure your current computer(s) have all needed software updates.
  • Upgrade your current hardware if that is a cost-effective solution.
  • Help keep computers free from unwanted software.
  • Assistance in getting the best and fastest ISP in the area.
  • Upgrading or replacing network gear if needed to keep your business running smoothly.
  • We configure file storage, whether a local server or cloud services are needed.
  • On-premises Windows servers.
  • On-premises Linux servers
  • Cloud storage, Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, Box, iCloud.  We can work with and give recommendations.
  • We recommend and implement backup solutions to keep clients’ data safe and secure.
  • We can discuss and help implement safeguards against employee loss of data.
  • We work to reduce the possibilities of Ransomware and Malware but are there to help if something goes wrong.
  • We help make the process of adding or removing employees from technology easy.