Do you ever feel anxious about that notice that incessantly pops up on your computer?  Do you feel leery of every upgrade your computer says it needs? Do you wish you had a reliable computer repair Overland Park company?  Are you concerned about viruses and malware? Do you need a backup solution to protect your documents and pictures? Do you worry that your network is insecure?  Do you wish you could have better or faster WiFi around your office? Do you need a network cable run for that new printer or new desk location for a new hire? Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to technology questions?  You are not alone. Every day 12 Stones Tech works with businesses with concerns just like yours. And every day 12 Stones Tech solves problems alleviates fear and anxieties. Every day 12 Stones Tech is there to answer questions and give you peace of mind.  We are just one call away.

12 Stones Tech provides information technology services for small business and computer repair Overland Park:

  • Procure computers, update them, and make them run better.
  • Help you choose the best computer that fits your budget. Purchase it yourself if you wish, and we will prepare it for you.
  • Make sure your current computer(s) have all needed software updates.
  • Upgrade your hard drive with a blazing fast solid-state drive or add additional RAM.
  • Clean up unnecessary software with computer repair Overland Park that may be bogging down processing speed to get your computer running as fast as possible again
  • We service network infrastructures, from choosing the best available ISP for our clients’ needs to securing their firewall, cleaning up wiring, and creating robust WiFi networks.
  • By keeping track of Internet service providers that are available in your area, we know the current rates and speeds offered so you can get the best deal from the best provider.
  • Analyze and update network gear.  If you need to use physical wires vs WiFi, we can install the wiring.  WiFi provided by an internet providers’ router is often lacking. We can build a WiFi network that will not only be secure but will be usable from anywhere you want access.
  • Routers or firewalls provided by Internet service providers are often poorly configured with default passwords and/or poor WiFi security settings.  We can tighten security to reduce your vulnerability.
  • We configure file storage, whether a local server or cloud services are needed.
  • On-premise Windows servers
  • On-premise Linux servers
  • Cloud storage, Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, Box, iCloud.  We have worked with all of them and can give you recommendations.
  • We recommend and implement backup solutions to keep clients’ data safe and secure.
  • Accidental loss of data.
  • Disgruntled employee loss of data.
  • Equipment failure
  • Equipment destruction for any cause
  • Ransomware and Malware
  • We look at all the possible loss reasons and what it would take to get back up and running.  Then we tailor the most cost-effective strategy that will fully cover your data.
  • And any other computer repair Overland Park services