Why Us?

Get rid of technical issues in your business for good with our one-stop shop for everything IT.  We handle hardware, software and everything in between. We understand that some computer or network problems can bring your business to a halt, so we react quickly to get you back to work.  Then we will work towards a more permanent solution as needed. Lastly, we work with clients to be proactive about potential problems to keep them from happening.

When a client desires to understand the what, how and why of technical issues, we will do our best to explain.  This is where our experience and background really helps. We understand the problems well enough to explain in simple language for a non-technical person.  This is not to say that we will fully understand every problem ever presented, but we will search for solutions and an understanding of the root cause to be better prepared next time.

Because 12 Stones Tech is a small business we understand that money doesn’t grow on trees.  We strive to find reasonably priced solutions that accomplish your requirements.  There are times to spend a little more for something and there are many times not to. There is always a bigger and better (and more expensive) solution out there, the question is “Do you need this?” We strive to get to know our customers and their businesses so that when asked about a potential new product or solution, we can give good advice.  We will not push a client into a solution they don’t need.

We have a 5-star rating on Google.  If you want to know what current and past clientele think, you can take a look here: Our Google Reviews

By the Way, Where Does 12 Stones Come From?

12 Stones is a reference to Joshua chapter 4 in the Bible when each of the twelve tribes of Israel were told to pull one stone from the middle of Jordan River and set them up on the shore to remind them that God parted the waters for the ark of the covenant, so they could all pass into their Promised Land.  12 Stones want to be a memorable company for you because of our integrity and commitment to all your business IT needs.

In the end, don’t just take our word for it, check out what some of our customers have said about us:

“Kent has provided wonderful support to my sister since she had surgery for oral cancer and has been unable to speak. When she has contacted Kent, I have been so impressed by how responsive he has been. She wasn’t and still isn’t very computer literate but Kent helped her to purchase a desktop computer and set it up for her in her home office. Now she is set up with an iPhone, with Wi-Fi at home, that is synced with her desktop computer so that she can text people, email people, or use the Relay Operator at i711. None of this would have been possible without Kent’s able assistance.” -Ed

“Kent has been a tremendous help and a complete technology safety net. Everything from counsel and setup of new computer and monitors to the movement of data files to the new system. For a nontechnical person that I am, Kent has come alongside and given me a renewed comfort with my system.” -Stan B.

“I have been looking for 2 years to find 12 Stones Technology and Kent Warden. In the last few months, Kent has purchased and set up my office computer, repaired an old sluggish computer and purchased and set up a new laptop for my 86 year old mother…all very fast, efficient and no hidden prices or fees. Kent is trustworthy, super intelligent and at the same time he explains the technology on levels that his clients understand. I highly recommend Kent and 12 Stones Technology….try him out…you’ll be happy you did. Thanks, Kent for All you do!” -Debbie W.