WordPress is a great blogging software.  It comes pretty much ready to use right out of the box.  Whether you use it on a hosted site or you have set it up yourself using the scripts.  There is a security problem built in that has been there for some time.  The problem is that the default username is admin.  Since every installation of WordPress uses this username unless the operator of the site does something to change the admin account that leaves only the password between your blog and someone who would like to take over your site.  This article demonstrates the problem.  http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2013/04/15/hackers-attack-90000-wordpress-blogs/?intcmp=HPBucket

Since I use a WordPress blog for this site I had been concerned about the default username not being very secure.  I had looked for ways to change it but had not seen any.  When I ran across the article I decided it needed to be changed.  I had considered simply accessing the database the WordPress uses and editing the account.  After a little diffing I found that this was indeed a good way to accomplish the change.  So using PhpMyAdmin I changed the admin user in the wp_users table to something different.   Hackers looking to gain access to a system need to know two pieces of information the username and the password.  If one is known than half the job is done.  This is also why simply using your name for the username is not advisable when security is needed.